Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun Pics

Wow. Wowwwww. I made it a few weeks and totally fell off the face of the earth!  Looks like "Photo-A-Day May" turned into "Photo-Whenever I feel like it-May", but I am ok with that since there are many more important things happening in our lives at the moment.

Ryan and I feel like we hit the wall (in runners terms) a few months ago.  We felt bogged down and had a hard time coming up for air.  It was hard to be happy and hopeful.  But, I feel like we have finally pushed through and rounded the corner.  Days are brighter, there is more laughter, we are actually having some fun!  Although our circumstances haven't necessarily changed at all, we are trying to have a very different outlook on life and as it turns out - life really is better when you try and be positive and happy no matter what.

So with that in mind, we are looking forward to the rest of 2013, come what may!  We are booking weekends rights and left to have some fun times to look forward to, and new memories to create.  First up - Colorado!  This weekend, Ryan and I, Alison, Katie, and Eric will be flying in to Alex and Anna's beautiful new home in Denver, where we hope to be put to work!  We are excited to organize, clean, garden, and hang with those cute Winn kiddos we never get to see.  I am sure we will have some stories to share upon our return!

Ps. Below are some pics that we just love - props to Ashley for taking these!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boy (and girl) Toys!

Because of the MCAT I have been off the grid, dark, AWOL; whatever you want to call it. But there have a couple of recent events that have drawn me out of my man cave for some good time with Lauren.  One of which was our adventure to the DI.

So Lauren wanted to try and find some old picture frames in many random shapes and sizes and do a little remake of our living room. We headed down and when we got there I remembered what I had been wanting for a long time but never had the time to find/buy: a golf bag! Luckily, the old golf bags were right next to the old picture frames and we ended up killing two birds with one stone! Check out this beaut!

I felt pretty guilty, though, because Lauren didn't find anything but rectangular frames and there's only so much decorating you can do with those :(

The next noteworthy topic is that of cycling! When I was in high school I spent a short period of time racing road bikes. My interest in riding didn't really diminish, but sports and school took over and I simply didn't have the time.  Years later, we're here in Provo and Lauren has started riding my bike to work. She loves it!  It is a great cannondale road bike that we found in the classifieds back in 2003 and it's still in prime condition. Well, having given Lauren my bike, we have been snooping around on KSL for the past couple months, looking for some good deals on road bikes. Fortunately, we found one up in Heber that seemed like a steal and headed up there to check it out. After a short test ride and a good purchasing package, we pulled the trigger and brought 'er home. We were invited by our friends, the Croppers, to take a quick ride today on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and loved riding together. It's so fun to have our own little biker gang and cruise around local trails. Too bad they're takin' off for work and adventure in Colorado in a month.

Anyway, check out the sweet ride!

All in all, Lauren and I are super pumped for the summer and can't wait for BBQ season, s'mores over the fire pit, camping, laying out in the sun, afternoon and evening bike rides, and a most excellent and enjoyable summer!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Photo-a-day May...more like photo a week.  This is definitely harder than expected!  In order to catch up and start a new week right - here are the last 6 photos:)

5.8: Filling a void
Some days I just really want a little kitty - make that most days.  Ryan was sweet and took me to Petco, where I was looking forward to at least cuddling a few kittens for a couple minutes.  We got there - nothin.  Not-a-one.  So, on our way out the door, we came by this precious little pup.  After taking him on a quick walk, Ryan was sold.  Ryan's mom was funny and said, "are you two trying to fill a void?"  We laughed and realized we were!  Sadly, with no room for a dog, we parted ways.  One day!

5.9: Just wingin' it
Ryan and I have a fairly strict daily routine.  But we decided to drive up to SLC last week and change things up a bit.  I had been holding on to a Benihana gift card for a while, and we decided to use it as an "early birthday" night on the town.

5.10: A Lack of Skills
I have never been able to do my hair.  I learned how to do a pony in middle school, and a bun in high school.  This was the first time I was able to braid my own hair!!  Sadly, it looks a bit lumpy and lopsided, but I was pleased :)

5.11: Good 'ol Oregonian

I first met Ashleigh back in the fall, and one of our first double dates was carving pumpkins.  Based on our carvings, I should have known we would turn out to be pretty great friends!

5.12: Day in the life
Need I say more?

5.13: Jenny D
Can I just say I am so happy this girl is back in my life?  Jenny visited a couple weekends ago, and it was such a blast to be with my good pal Jenny D.  She is a Doll. hehe

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Salt Sugar Fat


A friend at work recommended a book called, "Salt Sugar Fat", and I am already blown away by the introductory paragraph.  Want to get to know the major food industries?  Want to know why some food just is too good to resist?  Ryan and I are really trying to learn more about what we are putting into our bodies, and I think this book is a great start:)

Alejaaaaaaderodelanochecomoestas - May 6th Bday

Alex.  We all know how much you love poems, so I thought we'd share one with you for your birthday...

When we first met dear alex he had a real nice car,
green and tinted and he played a cool guitar

He's an engineering man but he likes to fiddle too,
with four crazy kids, little minnie's only two

From Texas, to Minot and everywhere between,
there's hardly a state that these winners haven't seen

Remodels, and projects, p90x with all your might, 
we hope you at least have some fun..."in the darkness of the night"


Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Family Fun

May 4th & 5th :)

Already missing days and it's only the first week in May...

But!  I feel like I have an excuse!  The entire Folsom Fam was in town this weekend for the wedding and we had a blast. 

Park City.
Hot Tub.

One of the most amazing parts of the trip was visiting the Manti, Utah Temple.  It was so magical, and the architecture was stunning.  Ryan's great-great Grandfather was the designer for both the Manti temple and the Provo tabernacle, which made it even more special. 


We are riding home from Kate and Jason's wedding! They were absolutely precious. Kate looked beautiful, Jason is so handsome, and they were both beaming the entire time! The Manti temple is spectacular and it was so fun to catch up with friends and family. I'll have to write more later - almost out of reception! But we love the new Brase family!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Soon to be Mrs.

My dear dear friend Caitlyn is engaged and I am SO HAPPY FOR HER!  I have never met a kinder, more sincere person in my entire life.  Really – she is an angel.  

 We first met halfway through our sophomore semester at Utah State, and luckily we became the best of friends.  From homemade chips to zumba (with the blinds closed), and bike rides to gorillas in wal-mart, we truly had the best times.  I am so grateful for our time together as roommates, and wish her and Nate the best!! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Photo-A-Day May"

May is a special month.  It’s that exciting month right before summer officially begins.  It has Mother’s Day.  Memorial Day.  My day!  So this month I want to do something extra special – Photo-A-Day May! 

For each and every day this month, I am going to post a picture.  It could be one from that day, or not.  I could describe it, or not.  I just think it would be a fun little experiment!    

So, for today, the very first of May, I would like to share the following:

This is a special place:)

In honor of our anniversary (last week), we went on a love tour.  The first place we saw each other after I moved down to Provo, our first picture, our first date, our first kiss, where he proposed.  But here, at this gate, was where Ryan:

a) told me he loved me
b) told me he wanted to marry me

Luckily I felt the same way!  We sometimes look over as we drive by, and just smile.  What a special time.