Monday, December 15, 2014

Lil' Sicky Babe

A few days before the funeral, the little bud got really sick.  At first I was like, what the heck?  I thought nursing was supposed to help!  But come to find out, after about six months its more of a supplement rather than an immune booster. got to the point where we were really concerned about his breathing, so I took him in to the ER (while Ryan was at six flags...thats another story).

On the way to the ER he was raspy and wheezy, and would choke over and over again on his flegm.  We were checked right through the waiting line and went straight back to the pediatric ER - that was a new experience!  Finally somewhere that gives moms with sad kids a priority.  But, like it was right from a movie, the SECOND the doctor walked through the door, Cal started cooing and smiling and playing and there was hardly a sign at all that he had ever been sick.  I got the condecending, pat-the-head tone of voice, "are you a first-time mom?"  I felt like yelling at him.  After about ten solid minutes of me trying to convice him that it really was bad, they sent me on my way.

Then, two days was worse!  Cal could not breathe at all.  Ryan and the Copes are my witnesses.  Even a doc in our ward listened to him and said wow, get that boy to the ER!  So, there I was again, waiting to be seen in the same room I was in just over a day ago, feeling a little embarrassed.  The doctor walked in and on cue, the buddy put on quite the show.  Talking and smiling and playing with anything he could grab, but this time I came prepared!  I had taken a recording earlier that morning of his horrible breathing, proof I wasn't an overanxious new mom!  They listened to the recording, barely acted concerened at all, and minutes later we were out the door again.

I came home so frustrated!  I then vented to ryan how I didnt want him to be a lame ER doctor and send sick babies out the door with no help at all.  But, after talking to my mom and Ryan's mom, sisters and a couple friends...the docs really couldn't do much to help.  It was just a virus that needed to run its course.  So, we waited it out.  It is absolutely awful to watch a helpless little babe cough and cry and be so stuffy, but I am just amazed at their resiliency!  Babies heal so quickly, and are tougher than you think.  I'm probably the one that needs toughening up!
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Monday, December 1, 2014

An unexpected Thanksgiving

For the last couple weeks I had been prepping and planning.  My parents and brother were coming to town!  I bought their favorite snacks and cereals, did all the Thanksgiving grocery shopping, even made a few batches of cookies and granola.  I was ready.  Ryan was ready too!  He was at school from dawn till dusk, finishing the week's assignments so he could spend time with everyone.

Minutes after Ryan got home Monday evening, my dad gave me a call and said, "Lauren, call mom."  Then hung up.  That is soooo not like my dad to call me Lauren, so I knew something was up.

I called my mom and heard the news - grandpa had passed away.  My grandma had passed away the year before, after battling health issues for years.  But my grandpa had been healthy as a horse, and we thought he would live for years more.  He passed away in his sleep, and although we are surprised and sad because of his sudden departure, we are so happy he is reunited with his sweetheart.

So, once the news set in, I knew what was coming next.  They weren't coming.  I hung up the phone and walked straight back to our room, sprawled myself across the unfolded laundry piled high on our bed, and bawled.  Like, harder than I have in a long time which looking back is slightly embarrassing.  But it was the first time I would get to hog my family all to myself, in my own state, in my own house.  I was looking forward to it for weeks and weeks, and then of course the night before the rug gets pulled out from under me.

I called my dad later that night, and we had a funny realization.  The V's were out to get me!  The night before the christmas cruise back in 2010, my grandma got sick the night before the flight so my parents sent me off with my sister and cousins.  The day of my wedding my grandma fell so my mom almost had to leave until an aunt stepped in.  Then this, the day before my parents come my grandpa passes away.  I really will have to ask what I ever did to get so lucky!

But, we had an unexpected surprise.  My parents were still planning on sending out Eric!  I was nervous at first because I didn't quite know what we could do for fun, but oh did we figure it out fast.  We had such a blast!!  We went mini golfing, bowling, out to eat, to six flags, watched every movie under the sun, played card games, and had many laughs.  Some of the best moments:

1. Eric was standing in the bathroom washing his hands while I was in the kitchen cleaning and I hear the following...
Eric: lauren, is ryan a mechanic?
Lauren: no, what do you mean?
Eric: well i mean, does he fix stuff.
Lauren: ...yes?  Like what?
Eric: well, like this. (I then see the towel rack on the ground, which had been ripped from the wall)
Lauren: oh wow, did that just happen?
Eric: no, it happened yesterday sometime. Just thought I'd tell ya.

2.  On our way to dinner one night, our baby was especially grumpy in the back seat and...

Eric: you know Ryan, you need to go to the doctor
Ryan: why's that pal?
Eric: well, your baby just cries so much,  that isnt normal!

Then, he went on to plugging his ears.

3.  The first night in town Eric had us watch The Mask, which honestly I think we have watched together 100 times.  The next night we had the following conversation..

Lauren: Ooo i feel like watching Once Upon A Time, I haven't seen the latest episodes!
Eric: you know Lauren, I think we should watch something else I've already seen that.
Lauren: yeah well I had already seen The Mask and it's my turn to pick tonight!
Eric: but Lauren I don't watch things twice!

HAHAHAHA what???

More things include:

1. The final hole of mini golf
2.  The sweet potato fries
3.  Six flags ladder climb
4.  8 mile run

Eric honestly helped me move past my depression and actually enjoy the heck out of the week.  It was a good time :)

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween Party 2014

I feel like I can never keep up with all the things I want to keep track of and share.  In the past, Ryan was able to co-write a few of these posts but boy is that guy busy these days!  So, needless to say, posts are slow coming.

I am FINALLY sharing some fun pictures from our annual Halloween Party (a little bitter-sweet having it in Texas not Utah) but there were some funny moments!

The cooks took home the loot this year, after some intense competition - more hilarious than intense.  This year we did:

1.  Suck an m&m to the end of your straw and run across the room to the bowl.  Drop as many m&ms in the bowl in 1 minute.

2,  Spit jelly beans into your spouse's mouth from about 5 feet away, you have ten tries.

3.  One person holds a raw noodle in their mouth, the other has a cup of cheerios.  You have a minute to get as many cheerios on the raw noodle without using hands.

4.  The classic cookie on the forehead into your mouth using only your face muscles!

5.  Make it or break it - wager your points and take the risk!  Smash an egg on your head - raw you lose points and cooked you keep 'em

6.  Costume votes

7.  Halloween treat votes

Cooks - Heavy Weights, Gumball machine and zombie baby

Copes - Scooby Doo and Shaggy

Folsoms - Trainers Jillian & Bob with our Biggest Loser contestant 
Larsons - Mario, Princess Peach & Toad

Kress - Pikachu & Ash

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Months 4-6

(Get ready for picture overload)

4th Month:

Goo goo and gaa gaas all the time!  Laughs hard at the most random things, and loves looking at himself in the mirror - must know how handsome he is :)  Loves to lay and look at toys, hates being alone in the back of the car, and loves when I sing disney songs at the top of my lungs, it holds him off from crying every now and again. 

LOVES to swim, he even fell asleep in the pool once.  Has  a pretty set morning schedule, afternoons are still unpredictable but loves being snuggled by daddy.  When I'm lucky, he will stop eating for just a second to look up at me and give me a big cheese.  And when he realizes dad is home he gets shy at first, then wants to have nothing but ryan's attention for the next little while.  Gosh he's adorable.

Has slept through the night multiple times! Still not too consistent, but close. Smiley and social, like clockwork for his morning routine (eat, walk, nap). Curious, busy but not too noisy. Only really fusses when tired otherwise loves being around the party and loves his jungle gym! Also can see two bottom teeth coming in??? Sucks on his fingers constantly and we think that could be why. Loves his music box and lullaby/night time book. Seems so attentive when I read and sing to him. Losing all of his hair:( wondering if it will grow in blonde? Also hates being alone in the backseat. His favorite song is part of your world - seriously will get him to stop crying every time. Random!

August 7th first real laugh while talking to him in the mirror
August 22nd slept through the night
August 31st first hair cut - by Anna (so funny!)


Love how much more interactive he is when I talk and sing, could stare in those eyes all day. Feel like my body will never get back to where it was, trying to be ok with that! Losing all my hair too! Might chop it off :) wondering if baby or if I like our routine more. It's nice to have consistency.

5th Month:

Well this little buddy is so much fun!  We were in Colorado/Oregon for the majority of his 5th month, and I feel like so much happened in that time.  He started belly laughing more, is alert and attentive, can almost roll completely from his back to his belly, and loves his little ring toys.  He smiles at people until they look at him then he turns away and tries again - that little social butterfly ;)  We went on six total flights that month, and each time someone would come up to me when it was over and say, "well that is the best baby I have ever seen on a plane!" and he really was a good boy. 

We went to a pediatrician for his 4 month visit at 4.5 months, and he weighed 16 and 1/2 pounds!  Big baby boy, wearing 6-9 month onesies and almost growing out of size 2 diapers.  We buzzed his hair and it is all growing in blonde and he is hanging on to those blue eyes - daddy's little boy! Days are becoming more fun with him, as he is more interactive and playful.  He hates his carseat or any kind of strap and will twist with all his might to escape, when he gets tired of tummy time he lays on his hands and starts talking, and he still loves that binky!  He still loves to kick and is wiggly as ever, and he starts to whine when he wants to move but can't.  He is also in the process of teething, the two middle bottom teeth are definitely poking through.  Poor guy.   


He makes me laugh SO HARD.  And I was telling Ryan, Cal can't even walk or talk yet, and I already think he is hysterical?  I'm in for it, and he will probably be getting away with murder because he is so dang cute.  I am kind of at a loss for how to get him back on a sleeping schedule, since he has been waking up a couple times a night since the trip, and it is so hard feeling like he's a newborn again.  Nursing is so easy now and convenient most times, so I am glad I stuck with it.  Chopped my hair off and feel like a new woman!

6th Month:

This month has been jam-packed full of "firsts" for this boy!  He can now roll from back to belly, and belly to back with ease.  When he is drowsy he talks and talks and talks, usually can find the binky and ever so carefully with the look of fierce determination, wiggles it into his mouth.  He loves eating his "nummy nums" (baby food) and so far we've noticed avocado & bananas are his favorites.  Although he gags and spits, and acts like he just ate the most sour thing in the universe, after the fourth or fifth bite he is all about most any kind of food!  He loves to play with his sippy cup, and we can't tell if he gets more than a couple drops out at a time, but he is getting the hang of it.  He takes a bottle (finally!) with ease at night, and sleeps until 7 most mornings.  Bless him.  

Our big boy is big!  He is in 9 month onesies, size 3 diapers, and is strong enough to rock back and forth on his hands and knees and takes us by surprise when he dive-bombs for anything bright and shiny.  He loves being on daddy's shoulders, playing with my hair while he eats, his teething rings, riding in the jogger, being outside, and has a love-hate relationship with the bouncy red ball (loves it so much he squeezes it with all his might, shooting it across the room!).  He laughs and giggles whenever his sides and pits are munched on, and most days is the most pleasant boy a ma could ask for.  Ryan and I fight to go get him in the morning or after naps, since he is usually being especially cute, playing with his toes or smiling through the crib slats waiting for one of us to come play.  He likes to do the "double belly slap" (an RFO) when he gets excited, and still REALLY hates his carseat.  So long road trips, we'll see you in a year or two.  

His favorite song is "Heart of Life" by John Mayer.  Whenever he starts boobin in the back seat, we go to CD 4, Track 1 and without fail (seriously, probably has worked 20 times in a row) he will stop crying and just listen.

Our next adventure is getting rid of the swaddle.  So far, unsuccessful.  


Days fly by much faster with this little one.  He is so fun to be around, and loves his routine, which makes life easier for me.  Now with all his changes, I am wanting time to slow down!  I am not ready for a crawler or independent baby - I loved my snuggler and treasure those moments of quiet cuddles and rocks.  I'm feeling 90% recovered, although I still get a twinge of pain now and again on the left side of my incision which makes me nervous.  I'm able to run 3 or so miles a few times a week and lift weights which brings me so much happiness!!  It's nice to feel strong again. 

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