Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tree Streets

For Ryans birthday last month, I wrote him a little note about our life together, and how much I love it.  I talked about things we’ve learned and hard things we’ve gone through, and mostly about our time living on the Tree Streets in Provo.  It wasn’t until he read the letter that it hit me – we are leaving.  Briar Ave has become a “sacred space” for our little family, and realizing that we will soon be leaving our nest hit me harder than expected.  Many beautiful and difficult things happened here. 

Working from home has given me more time to sit and reflect on the things I love about this part of life, and this area of Provo.  I will especially miss:

-       quiet walks and talks around our named loops (ie. The ridge,   Mckay’s, the trail)
-       seeing the Y trail from the front yard of our home
-       the unfair 2 minute walk to the nearby creamery
-       the recently bloomed cherry tree outside our front window,     and the apple tree out back
-       brightly colored tulips that let us know spring is finally     here
-       the red brick and white trim of our special home
-       the 3 minute biking “commute” to campus for Ryan
-       silently still Sundays

There are days I panic and want to rewind and redo our last three years, to relish all the moments of our growth together as a pair.  But then, thinking of holding a brand new baby boy that is ours has made the eminent transition more acceptable – easier to swallow.  I love our duo, but I know our trio will bring an unimaginable happiness and sense of worth to our lives. 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Ready or Not!

We had a bit of a scare last week.  It was late Friday night and we were at a friend’s home, watching a show and eating some snacks.  Out of nowhere I started feeling painful contractions, and consistent ones at that.  When we realized they weren’t going away, we decided we had better at least head home so we were closer to the hospital just in case.  Ryan and Mitch carried me out to the car, we quickly drove home, and waited out the next hour or so on our couch until the contractions started to go away.

Many things crossed my mind. 

First – Please, please, please don’t come this early!  I was not even 36 weeks, and this little guy needs all the time in there he can get.

Second – I am SO not ready for labor.  Coming from a girl who never cramped ever, I started to really get nervous about the possibility that tonight was the night -  and a new pain I had never experienced was on its way.

Third – We have nothing ready!  No “hospital bag”, nothing really set up at home…

Fourth – This was it.  The last night of being singles (single couple without kids that is).  We hadn’t had the best night ever, and had recently had a bit of a squabble, and I was sad that we didn’t “go out” on a good note. 

Needless to say, as soon as the possibility of going to the hospital moved aside, we sat together and had a serious conversation.  What do we want to accomplish together before he comes?  What is our mini bucket list?  What do we want to get ready?  Although scary at the time, it was what we needed.  We have been flying high on baby daydreams, but our feet were brought solidly back to ground with the realization that this is actually happening – ready or not!

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