Monday, August 18, 2014

The First Three Months...

Pinterest is both inspiring and depressing.  I am fascinated by all of the ingenious ideas floating around out there, and have benefited from those creative minds!  But, on the other hand, sometimes after a quick pin scroll-through, I feel like I don't do hardly enough.  Take, for instance, monthly photos for babies.  Cal is almost 4 months old and have I done some adorable monthly photos?  No, and I found myself feeling guilty for it!!  But, I have taken some notes on my phone here and there, and decided that's good enough for now.  Every time he does something new and exciting, I want to document it with a photo but hardly do I ever have my phone on me during those times...ah well, I think he'll forgive me :) 

Month 1:

In Oregon, starting to smile more. Still getting used to swallowing, sucking and breathing all at once - chokes a lot poor guy, having a pretty hard time sleeping throughout the day and having happy awake time. Loves baths and sleeping in my arms. Sleeping about five hours at a time during the night.

June 2nd a real smile for grandma

Me - wanting to cry when nighttime comes around, sometimes wish to just throw in the towel and bottle feed at times. Totally confused about a schedule and get sad since he's so colicky! No real postpartum baby blues luckily, but realizing how tough this mother thing is!

Month Two:

Smiles like crazy, tries to talk and coo. Loves walks and being outside. Sleeping an hour longer most nights, keeping food down better and likes to play and kick around.  Loves the ergo and hiked table rock and crater lake. 11.6 lbs at check up and 50% for head, height and weight.  

July 13th Blessing Day
July 14th first rolled over in Bandon

Me:getting better at shorter feedings and trying to figure out how anyone on earth can stick to a schedule. Body feeling more normal every day but still has it's limits. Liking the baby stage a little more each day.

Month 3:

For 5 days straight vomited over and over:( schedule went to pot somehow, but is taking more consistent naps and sleeping from about 9-4 or 5 almost every night! That is, until he hit his growth spurt at almost exactly 3 months and I felt like he ate 24 hours a day for a few days.  He is more attentive, smiley and starting to play and talk and coo more and more. Sweetest boy.  

July 26th played with giraffe and looked at toys intently for the first time!

Me:  we seem to be getting to know each other better, I am understanding when he is tired and he goes down pretty easy (with his binky and swaddled of course!) beginning to wonder if the binky will be a problem for us in the future...

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Newborn Pictures

Although he was a little over a month when these were taken (by my sweet sis-in law Emily), I am still calling them his newborns :)  

Take a peek:

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Sweet Moments

Ryan took this a while back and I just think it's the most precious pic out there of my mom and Cal - so I had to share:

Also, this is a picture of my handsome dad with me, and then with Cal.  See the similarities?  

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Happy Place

Getting Settled in Texas has been a lot of fun.  I am sure most newlyweds do this, but we have been decorating our living spaces up to this point with wedding gifts.  The usual taupe, bland colors - just things that were given to fill the walls.  But since Texas is kind of this fresh, new start for our family, I am only putting things on the wall if I truly love them and if they have meaning.  So, naturally, there is nothing on our walls quite yet :)  But it has made me think about those things in life that matter most to me, and how I can best represent those things in our home.  I have a cross-stitch of the Medford, Oregon temple and a sweet picture of the savior that are dear to me, and are waiting to find a home on my walls, and I found this gem that will soon make it's debut:

Oregon really is our happy place.  Although we are truly loving our new life here in Texas, a big chunk of our hearts lie deep in the Southern Oregon soil.  

We were so grateful to have spent over a month there this summer, and had many fun adventures.  One I'd like to make sure and record was our dear, sweet friends the Romers drove alllllll the way from Utah to experience Oregon with us.  During our last days in Utah, over a shaved ice down the street, we invited them to come visit us while we were staying with our families in Oregon.  They said they would!  We thought, suuuuuuuure you will!  Then, a couple weeks later they showed up at our doorstep - what brave souls those two are.  

We dragged them all over town, wanted to squeeze in all that Oregon had to offer in a few short days (and didnt even come close!) so needless to say, each and every night we all drifted to sleep as we started a late night show or began to visit.  They were troopers, and luckily, so was our little babe.  We hiked Roxy Ann, around Table Rock, saw the Gorge, ate at some yummy places in Ashland, swam with Ryan's family, hot tubbed, saved some ducks, had some was a good time :)  I always tell Ryan, if I could live by anyone for the rest of my life - those two would be on the top of my list.  Miss you, Nate and Cait.

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