Monday, December 15, 2014

Lil' Sicky Babe

A few days before the funeral, the little bud got really sick.  At first I was like, what the heck?  I thought nursing was supposed to help!  But come to find out, after about six months its more of a supplement rather than an immune booster. got to the point where we were really concerned about his breathing, so I took him in to the ER (while Ryan was at six flags...thats another story).

On the way to the ER he was raspy and wheezy, and would choke over and over again on his flegm.  We were checked right through the waiting line and went straight back to the pediatric ER - that was a new experience!  Finally somewhere that gives moms with sad kids a priority.  But, like it was right from a movie, the SECOND the doctor walked through the door, Cal started cooing and smiling and playing and there was hardly a sign at all that he had ever been sick.  I got the condecending, pat-the-head tone of voice, "are you a first-time mom?"  I felt like yelling at him.  After about ten solid minutes of me trying to convice him that it really was bad, they sent me on my way.

Then, two days was worse!  Cal could not breathe at all.  Ryan and the Copes are my witnesses.  Even a doc in our ward listened to him and said wow, get that boy to the ER!  So, there I was again, waiting to be seen in the same room I was in just over a day ago, feeling a little embarrassed.  The doctor walked in and on cue, the buddy put on quite the show.  Talking and smiling and playing with anything he could grab, but this time I came prepared!  I had taken a recording earlier that morning of his horrible breathing, proof I wasn't an overanxious new mom!  They listened to the recording, barely acted concerened at all, and minutes later we were out the door again.

I came home so frustrated!  I then vented to ryan how I didnt want him to be a lame ER doctor and send sick babies out the door with no help at all.  But, after talking to my mom and Ryan's mom, sisters and a couple friends...the docs really couldn't do much to help.  It was just a virus that needed to run its course.  So, we waited it out.  It is absolutely awful to watch a helpless little babe cough and cry and be so stuffy, but I am just amazed at their resiliency!  Babies heal so quickly, and are tougher than you think.  I'm probably the one that needs toughening up!
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Monday, December 1, 2014

An unexpected Thanksgiving

For the last couple weeks I had been prepping and planning.  My parents and brother were coming to town!  I bought their favorite snacks and cereals, did all the Thanksgiving grocery shopping, even made a few batches of cookies and granola.  I was ready.  Ryan was ready too!  He was at school from dawn till dusk, finishing the week's assignments so he could spend time with everyone.

Minutes after Ryan got home Monday evening, my dad gave me a call and said, "Lauren, call mom."  Then hung up.  That is soooo not like my dad to call me Lauren, so I knew something was up.

I called my mom and heard the news - grandpa had passed away.  My grandma had passed away the year before, after battling health issues for years.  But my grandpa had been healthy as a horse, and we thought he would live for years more.  He passed away in his sleep, and although we are surprised and sad because of his sudden departure, we are so happy he is reunited with his sweetheart.

So, once the news set in, I knew what was coming next.  They weren't coming.  I hung up the phone and walked straight back to our room, sprawled myself across the unfolded laundry piled high on our bed, and bawled.  Like, harder than I have in a long time which looking back is slightly embarrassing.  But it was the first time I would get to hog my family all to myself, in my own state, in my own house.  I was looking forward to it for weeks and weeks, and then of course the night before the rug gets pulled out from under me.

I called my dad later that night, and we had a funny realization.  The V's were out to get me!  The night before the christmas cruise back in 2010, my grandma got sick the night before the flight so my parents sent me off with my sister and cousins.  The day of my wedding my grandma fell so my mom almost had to leave until an aunt stepped in.  Then this, the day before my parents come my grandpa passes away.  I really will have to ask what I ever did to get so lucky!

But, we had an unexpected surprise.  My parents were still planning on sending out Eric!  I was nervous at first because I didn't quite know what we could do for fun, but oh did we figure it out fast.  We had such a blast!!  We went mini golfing, bowling, out to eat, to six flags, watched every movie under the sun, played card games, and had many laughs.  Some of the best moments:

1. Eric was standing in the bathroom washing his hands while I was in the kitchen cleaning and I hear the following...
Eric: lauren, is ryan a mechanic?
Lauren: no, what do you mean?
Eric: well i mean, does he fix stuff.
Lauren: ...yes?  Like what?
Eric: well, like this. (I then see the towel rack on the ground, which had been ripped from the wall)
Lauren: oh wow, did that just happen?
Eric: no, it happened yesterday sometime. Just thought I'd tell ya.

2.  On our way to dinner one night, our baby was especially grumpy in the back seat and...

Eric: you know Ryan, you need to go to the doctor
Ryan: why's that pal?
Eric: well, your baby just cries so much,  that isnt normal!

Then, he went on to plugging his ears.

3.  The first night in town Eric had us watch The Mask, which honestly I think we have watched together 100 times.  The next night we had the following conversation..

Lauren: Ooo i feel like watching Once Upon A Time, I haven't seen the latest episodes!
Eric: you know Lauren, I think we should watch something else I've already seen that.
Lauren: yeah well I had already seen The Mask and it's my turn to pick tonight!
Eric: but Lauren I don't watch things twice!

HAHAHAHA what???

More things include:

1. The final hole of mini golf
2.  The sweet potato fries
3.  Six flags ladder climb
4.  8 mile run

Eric honestly helped me move past my depression and actually enjoy the heck out of the week.  It was a good time :)

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