Monday, May 11, 2015

Months 10-12

10th Month:

Cal has turned into quite the yapper!  He is constantly babbling, and especially loves to say "mama" "dada" "bahbah" "dohdoh" and anything else he wants to try out.  He is an animated little boy who has a million different facial expressions, and still loves to show off his 6 teeth with his big, cheesy grin!  He has started trying to walk, and is becoming braver and braver by the day.  He can make it 3-4 steps before face-planting or leaning on another piece of furniture, and we can tell he really wants to be a big boy and walk.  Another big deal for us is now it seems like he actually enjoys riding in the car (which is a MIRACLE) and is always happy when we turn on CD #6, Track #4 - The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Cal loves to play hide and seek, loves his train and stuffed caterpillar, and pancakes.  He loves to make people smile, and is a hard one to control at church.  Always busy, always opening any cupboard or box or drawer, he keeps us on our toes.  Oh, and he still lives for bath time.  Except bathing to Cal means standing up and playing with the water coming out of the faucet.  If we turn it off, we pay for it.

This month, Cal just seemed...big.  He interacts and plays, is trying to walk, eats like a champ, so my mama heart is holding on to these last few months before he hits the big ONE.

*February 27th - 4 Steps to Daddy

11th Month:

Can this boy get any cuter?  He fills our lives with such joy - he is curious, independent, feisty, and full of personality.  The big thing this month was Cal takes confident steps, about 6-10 at a time!  He knows he can do it, but sometimes he gets a little nervous.  If he has his walker toy, he could walk all day long.  When he's not walking, he bear crawls, as he has found that it is much more efficient to keep his knees off the ground ;)

He loves to give me, doggies, and grandma on facetime, big smooches (with mouth wide open of course).  He is constantly babbling, but his newest words are "doggie", "bah-bah" for bottle, "NO-noooo", and is working on "uh-oh!"  He is an angel napper, and loves to snuggle his doggie, monkey, and blanky.  He can climb on top of any basket, the fireplace, and loves to grab everything with his little grubbies.  He still loves waffles, and is a little freaked out by slimy textures.  

When Cal would try and get into the cupboard with glassware (which I need to move asap), I would tilt my head and give him a look, and say no-no!  Now, when he thinks he's doing something naughty, he looks over at me and yells, "no-noooo!"  It is hilarious, but I have replaced the word "no" with "let's do something else!".  Also, sometimes my mama heart wants to get Cal a puppy.  Cal has learned to point to things he wants, and so usually I just go around the house and let him point to the light switches or the windows or whatever, but when he sees a dog, he points with such force that I think his arm will fly out of socket!  He points and says "doggiedoggiedoggiedoggiedoggiedoggie" and will not stop until it is out of sight.  

April 2nd - Started walking close to ten steps with confidence, and has been walking more since

1 Year Old - really????:

Now this boy cruises!  He basically runs, and keeps us busy.  When he walks around he tosses his arms from back to front, like hes clapping his hands, but he can barely fit them around his big belly!  It is amazing to me how fast he learns, and whenever I speak or explain something, or show him how to use a spoon or play with a toy, you can just see the wheels turning.  Now, he will only eat if he and I are both holding a spoon, and he will wiggle the spoon around in the bowl while I sneak him a bite here and there.  He eats like a champ, and already eats more pancakes than I do.

His favorite thing to do is ride his bike - which means sitting on the bike and holding on to the handlebars, while I sneakily steer from behind.  He thinks he's in charge which makes both he and I happy.  When he's happy he's a joy to be around, but when things aren't going his way he makes us pay - big time.  Who knew tantrums could start so young?  I hate to say it but most of the time I find them a little amusing and try to keep from laughing...

Cal is so feisty but so sweet.  Sometimes after he wakes up from a nap, he'll just wrap his arms around my neck and cuddle me for a little longer, at least until something better catches his eye ;)  He is a momma's boy, and is my little buddy.  Sometimes he will just pat Ryan or I on the back when we hold him, and it kills us.  Also too cute I could die - how he says "Thank you!" - more like "deeeek dooo!"  

I thought reaching the big number one would make me feel a little sad, thinking of all that had happened the past year and missing my baby.  Some days I am, but, mostly I am absolutely thrilled we've got a year under our belt!  I LOVE this age!  I love his independence and curiosity, and am excited about all of the new adventures we will be able to take this summer.  Swimming and the zoo, seaworld and walks in the park - it is going to be so wonderful.

**Cal was terribly sick on his birthday, so we will have to redo the cake smashing one day.  Poor boy gave it a good effort, but I want him to actually have fun next time :)  We had lots of friends, Jdawgs, and this hilarious cake I had too much fun making!