Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A New Chapter

Last night Ryan and I started talking about what the next few months had in store, and realized that December will be here before we know it.  I started talking about Cal, and how much I love him and want to keep him little, and got emotional about closing this chapter of our lives.  I am extremely grateful to be pregnant, and excited to grow our family, but a little piece of me will miss the one on one time Cal and I were able to have every single day.  Although some days he's a giant mess, or a little whiny, or so active that I think my pregnant self will keel over and die, it's hard to imagine sharing my heart with another baby.  I don't want Cal to feel like an afterthought, or that he's not my number one pal.  Just like when Cal was born, I know that our hearts grow and we can love a little baby the moment we see them, so I know my heart will be able to love these two little boys equally.  But, in the meantime, Ryan and I want to make every last minute special with our little Cal Pal.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Oregon in August

Cal and I were able to fly out to Medford for about a week the first part of August, looking forward to escaping the heat and being with family!  My dear mother flew out the night before my flight there, and helped me with Cal during the long layover since my body wasn't quite up for the crazy that is Cal on trips.  So, the flight there was a breeze.  My entire family was in town and it was so fun to be together.  Although the valley was buried in smoke from surrounding fires, we made the most of it and went to the coast, the lake, and made some fun of our own at home.

It was incredible to sit outside in the middle of the day, feel the wind on my face, and be able to enjoy nature.  I feel bad that most of Cal's life is inside a home or building since the heat is unbearable unless you are in some kind of water.  Ryan and I hope to be somewhere cooler for residency so we can enjoy the outdoors a little more than here.

As always, it is hard making Cal leave cousins who push him in baby strollers and feed him their ice cream, and grandma's and grandpa's who adore him behind, but luckily Cal has a great group of friends down here that are turning into siblings more than friends!  We are blessed to be where we are.