Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Maternity Photos

My dear friend Ashleigh is a multi-talented girl.  Business savvy, has an eye for photography, and is always offering to "practice" on me, when I don't think she needs much practice - she's just nice enough to take some beautiful pictures for me.

There's a funny story behind these shots.  I wasn't terribly far along, maybe 18 weeks or something, but we really wanted to try for some maternity shots since we were altogether in Denver.  So, in order to get my belly to really stick out, I drank a TON of water, ate a big meal, wore a tight dress and pushed my stomach out during each picture hehehe and, sadly it worked!

Granted I am MUCH bigger now, these will probably be the only nice shots I have the whole pregnancy, and I wanted to share them.

(check Ashleigh's work out at http://www.redaspenphotography.com/)

Saturday, October 3, 2015


My cousin Rachael and I grew up together - same age, mostly same interests, travel buddies, youngest child, skip-bo obsessed, and best buds.  It was so fun.  It was only natural that we happened to have our first babies in the same month, and are pregnant with our second babies in the same month this year!  If only we lived in the same state.  She lives in Indiana for her husbands first job, and of course Ryan and I are here in Texas.  But, we decided it was time to get together, let our babies become best friends like they are meant to be, and to have some fun.

So, we called up our moms.  How about a mommy-daughter getaway??  They liked the idea, then upped it when they added our dads to the party.  We didn't know if we could find a week that would work for everyone, but luckily we found a great resort in Orlando and a free week for our parents.

I was a little worried about being pregnant (about 28/29 weeks) and caring for Cal in the pools and out and about, but my parents were amazing.  I don't think I lifted Cal in our out of his car seat one time, he was always getting played with and entertained, and it made my heart swell to see him so insanely happy.  He LOVES my dad and always wanted to be around him.  He thought my mom was the funniest person around, teaching him new songs and where to find his elbow and other cool tricks.

Not only that, but Cal loved Maddie.  He would say "hi mammie!" almost every morning, they would chase each other, feed each other, try to kiss each other and kind of share their toys, but you could just tell they loved having a little pal around.  I sure wish we lived closer.

Not only was it fun for the kids, but it was fun for me and Ray.  We took one condo, and the parents were next door so every nap time or after the kids were in bed, we would snag our monitors and stay up playing 2400 (a fun card game) and laugh and talk with our parents.  I felt so lucky to have them all to myself, and to have no stresses or responsibility creeping in on our time.  Although I was completely exhausted coming home, I felt completed rejuvenated after filling my week with family.