Sunday, March 3, 2013

Folsom Updates #1-5

This post may be a little scattered and confusing, but I am just hoping to catch up on the last few weeks without writing a book!

Update #1:

New favorite quote:  "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened."  Mark Twain

I am really good at worrying.  It's an art that I have mastered sad to say.  After finishing "Keep Calm and Carry On" I realized that most things that cause me to worry are out of my control - so I just need to let them go!  Our life right now isn't everything we had planned as far as school and kids are concerned, so it's hard to stop dwelling on what we wish was happening and just have fun with what is actually happening.  My dad gave some great advice yesterday afternoon after what turned into being an emotional venting session (sorry mom and dad!), which was to pick 2-3 things to do each week that are FUN and out of the ordinary.  Now that's some advice we are likely to implement fast!

Update #2:

I started a new job at the beginning of February.  Before this full-time job however, I was able to experiment with something I love more than almost anything....

Food - Healthy food!

Ryan and I have made a commitment to eat only things that rot.  For example, we'll only eat it if we can make every ingredient that goes into it.  We have had the best time experimenting with new and different food and are looking forward to creating a culture in our family of "real" food consumers.  (Unless we get a family of ravenous boys - we may make a few adjustments).

Now that I am at work by 7am and home around dinner time, my dreams of being a chef may have to be put on hold.  Luckily, Ryan is turning into quite the cook himself so I am enjoying his dinner creations as well. 

Update #3:

Ryan and I were lucky enough to have my parents come into town over Valentine's Day weekend, and Ryan's mom join us the following weekend!  We attended Ben Wright's wedding and reception, went for a walk to Bridal Veil Falls, saw "The Impossible" (twice), went to a concert, ate delicious food and went skiing.  Our folks are fun to be around because they are movers and shakers and we always have the best time.  

Update #4:

I have been snowboarding since the 3rd grade, and due to the fact that I went to the mountain about twice a year, I stayed at about a 6th grade level.  I never was any good and it just never seemed to click with me.  I decided to give skiing a try over President's Day weekend, with Ryan as my teacher, and had a BLAST!  I used to listen to people who would say "yeah I was at the mountain for 8 hours and still didn't get enough" and think they were crazy people.  I was hard-pressed to get a solid 3 hours in.  Now, I finally understand.  We have gone 3 times in the last 2 weeks (my new job gives us free passes yippee!) and are saving extra pennies in order to be able to ski in Park City or the Canyons soon.  

Update #5:

We have really great friends.  Today I want to expound a little on one of those friendships.  I have LOVED getting to know our buddies the Croppers up the street.  Holy cow we have a great time together.  Ian has an incredible sense of humor and some magical chef powers.  Ashleigh is confident, a go-getter and pleasant as can be and has an infectious laugh.  One time I got a text from her that said, "Hey, we need to get together soon.  Ian said he needs a good laugh, and wanted to be around the Folsoms."  It is so convenient that we are all from the same hometown too :)  From getting trapped in downtown SLC to awkwardly running into my CEO while thoroughly enjoying my work's massage chairs in the middle of the is always an adventure.