Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can we have one??

We want kids - can't ya tell?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Campout. A Reception. A Reunion

A Campout.

Ryan and I are a bit snobby.  We like to brag about our Oregonian upbringing and reminisce the “good ol times” in Oregon during the summer.  In the back of our minds, we are constantly comparing Utah to Oregon, and Utah consistently comes in at #2.  Until the Uintas. Holy. Smokes.

Our buds the Hedges are avid campers.  Crazy campers even. (would you cross-country ski in the dead of winter and camp?  I don’t think so!).  For months we have been trying to work out a weekend to head to the mountains, and finally found a day that would work. 

On the way up we saw a beaver just chillin' on the side of the road, and I laughed out loud when I pictured cuddling him like a kitty.  It was so fluffy and cute!  Then minutes later we saw a moose grazing in a beautiful little meadow.  I kept thinking, “hmm I’ve never seen that in Oregon but I am sure the Uintas still don’t compare.”  WRONG!  Just take a look at some pictures:


We were blown away.  We hiked up and around several lakes, through beautiful meadows and next to little streams you could hear before you saw them since it was perfectly still.  We started our hike in the late evening and luckily found a hidden spot up on a cliff right before sundown.  We built a fire right on the rocky cliff, and chatted for hours.  What a perfect evening.

The next morning the boys caught fish while the women proved our skills in fire creation.  We were quite proud of our blazing fire, and kept telling the boys we did in fact use only matches and twigs to get it going – unlike their use of gas and a lighter.  Eagle Scouts?  Really?

A Reception.

The time had finally come!  Kate and Jason had their reception in Medford, and it turned out to be beautiful.  Not much more to say besides we are so happy we were able to be a part of it!  The food/decorations were perfect and those Brases are a knockout!

A Reunion.

Folsom Family Reunion 2013 was a serious success.  With a party of 40ish people under one roof you might think, how did that even happen?!  Well, Ryan’s mom is a super star and planned such a wonderful week.  We rolled up to Camp Magruder on Tuesday afternoon and filled our days with family stories, games of Mafia and Celebrity, a talent show, bonfires, Tillamook ice cream, T25 workouts, soccer, volleyball, lake and beach time, and especially, knockout games on the basketball court.  There was at one point a line from one end of the court to the other!  It was so fun to get to know all of the cousins a little better, and to have some good ol’ campin fun. 

Side note – There was only one other family at this camp while we were there.  A large family.  A dear family.  A family that sings special songs at dinner time and are from my home ward…you got it!  The Frodshams!  It was fun to see them!  Small world.  

{Pictures to be added soon!}

One more side note – Right before heading over to the reunion, Ryan and I spent the morning up at OHSU to tour the Medical School for fun.  It was amazing!  Not only were we impressed by the people and facilities, we were especially impressed with the farmers market that was going on right there on campus. 


An Ending?? ;)